The Ultimate Sport: Drag Racing

The Ultimate Sport: Drag Racing

People participate in thrilling sports for the incredible experience of the adrenaline rush. The exhibition of two 6000 horse power, 2 second cars, racing down a single track, with no other goal but to reach the end first, everything else insignificant… that is drag racing, the ultimate adventure sport.

Drag racing is an ultimate sport and in order to appreciate it in all its glory, you need to know the basics. The car race is typically a quarter mile, but may be longer. The drag racers compete one on one through the competition, until there is one final winner.

Before each race, the drivers are allowed to perform a burnout to increase traction. They spin the wheels of the car, creating a lot of smoke due to friction. This is done to increase the temperature of the drag racing tires, in order to increase the efficiency.

An electronic system called a ‘Christmas tree’ is used to start the race. There are three main parts of the tree; at the top there are two sets of yellow bulbs for each driver. These are called the pre-stage bulbs. These indicate that the driver is near the starting lane. Then come the second set or ‘stage’ bulbs, which indicate that he is actually on the starting line. Then come three amber starting signals followed by green. If the driver leaves before the green light, a red light comes on, and this is a foul. Once the race starts smoothly, it is basically a test of speed to see who reaches the finish line first.

National Hot Rod Association provides two main types of racing; heads up and handicap. Heads up is a simple race and the winner is the driver who reaches the finish line first. In handicap racing, you predict how many seconds it will take to finish the race and then run as close to that number without going faster. The driver who manages to come the closest to the predicted time is declared the winner.

Drag racing is the leading sport in terms of providing value for money. Drag racing fans include many interesting demographic characteristics. More than 90% visit fast food and sit-down restaurants every month. One third fans are likely to drink beer, while another third opts for regular beverages. These fans include more Latinos and Black-Americans in comparison to other similar sports. A high percentage, 98% feels positive towards the sponsors. National Hot Rod Association has the largest number of participants in comparison to any other sport, making it the biggest professional motor-sport organization globally.

If you are interested in drag racing as a sport or hobby research the type of car you want and then buy a car online according to those specifications.

The Ultimate Sport: Drag Racing